If you are looking for good mini skip hire options in Liverpool, this is the read for you. We all know nobody likes trash and rubbish around them, and everyone wants a clean and tidy environment. At Skip Hire Liverpool, we provide the best mini skip hire at the most market competitive rates. Liverpool Skip Hire is famous among the skip hire customers in the city and its surrounding areas.

Mini skip hire


Skip Hire Liverpool provides both skip sizes of mini skips from 2-yard to 3-yards skip size. We are committed to delivering the actual size as we do not bi level in fraudulent activities. The mini skips are useful for removing a small amount of waste from garden clearance, tiny refurbishment projects, and kitchen or bathroom refits. Our mini skips are available in affordable and competitive pricing. Liverpool Skip Hire company feels happy to share mini skips durability, as it is the most frequently hired skip size for small waste management projects at home and offices. These skips are small enough that you can place them within your property..


The 2-yard mini skip is available at Skip Hire Liverpool. The 2-yard mini skip has the following dimensions: 5ft Length x 4ft width x 3ft height. It is best for household projects, and it is way easy to carry and place inside the premises due to its compact size. The waste material capacity of 2-yard mini skip size Liverpool is from 20 to 30 black bin bags of garbage material. 

It is best to use in the autumn season to clear the pathway covered by the fallen leaves. Liverpool Skip Hire company is the most credible 2-yard skip hire service provider in your locality.


Our prices at Skip Hire Liverpool are market competitive, and we offer some customized services too. The cost primarily depends on the clients’ demand and the service delivery area through Skip Hire Liverpool. The average price for a 2-yard skip size is £126 – £271. Make sure to order your skip after taking the proper measurement of your desired skip size. These average prices may find more relaxation when you share your location details, and hiring period. Moreover, you will also get a £20 discount on your 2-yard skip hire booking which means that you will be able to save more money.


Skip hire near me provides 3-yard mini skip size, which is the largest mini skip dimension available at our stock. The 3-yard skip size is 6-feet Long x 4-feet Wide x 3-feet High. It has a slight difference with the 2-yard mini skip size Liverpool. It can carry the weight of 30 to 40 black bags of trash. 

The 3-yard mini skip is the widely and most frequently used skip hire in your locality. We use this skip size in refurbishment, garden clearance, and small commercial office clearout projects. Its compact size doesn’t bother you to get a local government permit for its placement in the private land or on the roadside. 


Skip Hire Liverpool, being the best skip hire service provider in the city, also assures its customers the best product at low prices. Its average price ranges from £158 – £271.  Skip hire Liverpool provides skip hire services inclusively to its esteemed customers who have developed a trust in its skip hire services. The price, as mentioned above, is not final and subject to the company you choose. 

The prices vary from area to area and for how much duration you need to keep the skip under-use black bags of trash. The 3-yard mini skip is the widely and most frequently used skip hire in your locality. We use this skip size in refurbishment, garden clearance, and small commercial office clearout projects. Its compact size doesn’t bother you to get a local government permit for its placement in the private land or on the roadside. 


mini skip hire is probably the smallest skip size available in the market. In case you do not know what a skip is, it is the tool we use to remove the trash. The mini skip is a perfect design for a household with less garbage and no hazardous material. In comparison, midi skip is 4 cubic yards or simply called 4-yard skip used for a relatively more significant purpose. It contains almost double black bags of trash than that of a mini skip. Midi skip is also suitable for virtually all sorts of rubbish that are not prohibited. The prices of mini skip sizes range from £126 – £271, whereas midi skip sizes are available from £176 – £240. The midi skip size is much more prominent in size and not suitable for large household purposes


As mentioned earlier, the mini skip is only suitable for small house chores. On the contrary, Builders skips are the bigger ones. Builder skips are of two types: first is small builders’ skip, which has a volume of 6-cubic yards, and the other is large builders’ skip which has a volume of 8-cubic yards. We utilize the builders’ skip where massive construction activity is taking place. These skips are helpful to dispose of giant trash piles. There is also an enormous difference in prices and utilisation of both mini and builder skip sizes


We have been working for years with commercial and domestic clients in waste management. They are with us because of our cheap and best quality skip services for such a long time. Our Mini Skip Hire Liverpool are the best cost-effective skips available across the area.



Compact Size

It is probably the best advantage that a mini skip has over others. It is super compact. You can carry it easily and can place it anywhere you want, even in the bathroom. In fact, it is best for bathrooms. The site even allows you to collect trash even from small places.

Time & Cost-Efficient

Waste disposal is primarily the duty of citizens, and the local council authority will ask you to pay a fine in case of any negligence. These mini skips are cheaper and save your time during waste collection due to its compactness.


Mini skips are the most compact and convenient to handle skips. You can carry it easily. As trash is our responsibility, it is better to buy a skip, convenient to use. You do not have to look for a dumping site to waste. It is that convenient.


A sustainable environment is what we all need. These mini skips are the best fit for it. It is the most environmentally sustainable because Skip Hire Liverpool sends 100% of waste materials to landfills. Materials like metals and plastic bought by the recycling companies make it more environmentally friendly.

Right disposal of waste

You may hire a dedicated person with a van for waste removal, but legitimately it is your duty. Skips are the right way to dispose of waste and make your environment clean. The government will not ask you to pay a fine if you properly dispose of your trash. So, it’s a bonus.