Maxi Skip Hire Liverpool is one of the large skip hire categories available in the UK. It has a perfect design to carry out large home waste, renovation and some commercial waste too. It is available in 5 different sizes to bring about different types of work. If you are looking for a skip that can be useful for multiple projects and cost-efficient, this is the perfect match for you. Skip Hire Liverpool being the pioneer in providing skip hire service in Liverpool, is immensely proud to offer quality maxi skips with most economical prices. We have designed our skip hire prices packages in a way that can meet your requirements.

Maxi Yard Skip Liverpool


As mentioned prior, Maxi skip hire is available in 5 different sizes starting from 10 cubic yard till 18 cubic yard. It is one of the few categories of skip hire that is available in 5 different sizes. The versatility of lengths makes it so convenient for customers to make a rational and informed decision. The different sizes of maxi skip hire can be useful for various household and commercial purposes. These are spacious, expansive and durable. Mostly, maxi skip hire sizes are beneficial for large scale heavy waste removal management. Their extensive measures require a permit from the city council as they are large enough that you may not place them inside the premises due to less space. 

10 Yard Skip Hire Liverpool


It is the smallest variant of maxi skip hire available in the UK market. 10-yard maxi skip hire is perfect for house clean up and little industrial waste. The dimensions of 10-yard maxi skip hire are 12-feet length x 6-feet width x 6-feet height. It can easily hold a minimum of 110 black bags of trash. 

It shows that it can accommodate a considerable amount of rubbish efficiently. A 10-yard maxi skip can help you remove waste from shops, construction sites, and home renovation projects. If you have heavy and bulky waste materials and want to remove them in one go, the 10-yard maxi skip is available for a hassle-free waste removal service.


Everyone wants to get cost-effective, reliable, and trustworthy skip hire services. Liverpool Skip Hire company offers the most affordable skip hire prices for a 10-yard maxi skip. We have set our prices according to your needs and requirements. At our company, you will find the low pricing 10-yard maxi skip hire services. We always give priority to our customers and deliver 10-yard maxi skips at £258 – £363. These prices are on average, and you can negotiate these prices after sharing your location, and hire duration. Moreover, we also offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes, giving relief to your wallet.

12 Yard Skip Hire Liverpool


12-yard maxi skip is useful where a 10-yard skip is not sufficient. Skip Hire Liverpool is delivering maxi skip of all sizes in just one call. The 12-yard maxi skip has the dimensions of 13-feet length x 6-feet width x 6.5-feet height. It has a slight difference from the 10-yard skip. 

This size of maxi skip is capable of holding 120 to 130 black bin bags of trash quickly. It may be useful to carry out different domestic, industrial, and commercial tasks. Our 12-yard maxi skip size has vast space to hold a maximum amount of garbage material than other skips hire companies.


A 12-yard maxi skip size is available at cost-effective pricing at Skip Hire Liverpool. We offer budget-friendly prices to our valued clients. If you want to save money and hassle-free waste removal service through hiring a skip, our low skip hire prices are the destination of your desire. We provide 12-yard maxi skip at the lowest prices, and you can also compare our prices with all other skip hire service providers in Liverpool. We are sure that you will find a clear difference in our prices. Our average prices for 12-yard skip starts from £277 – £367, and you can also bargain on these prices to get more relaxation. 

14 Yard Skip Hire Liverpool


It is the bigger variant in sizes different than the previous two. It is most suitable to lift heavy and bulky material in a substantial amount. A 14-yard maxi skip has the dimensions of 13-feet length x 6.5-feet width x 6.5-feet height. It is just more comprehensive than a 12-yard skip hire. It can hold the weight of up to 140-150 black bin bags of trash. 

The different types of material can be separated inside and skip effortlessly. Most companies deliver small skips in the name of 14-yard maxi skips that leads you to hire another small skip size for your site’s clearance. If you want to avoid this situation, contact us.


It is the third-largest waste container in maxi skip sizes which is available at competitive market pricing. At Skip Hire Liverpool, you will find a massive difference in prices as compared to other companies. We offer 14-yard maxi skip from £303 – £450 which is the lowest price for this extensive skip size on average. Furthermore, your location and hire period will also make an impact on these prices. Besides, you can also enjoy a £20 discount on all skip sizes, including the 14-yard skip. So, what stops you from saving money and enjoying unbeatable skip hire services throughout Liverpool. Hire our 14-yard skip and get rid of your rubbish by spending a low amount. 

16 Yard Skip Hire Liverpool


It is one of the bigger sizes available in this domain. It is perfect for bringing about a relatively large amount of industrial waste and significant home renovation. 16-yard maxi skip has the dimensions of 13.5-feet long x 6-feet wide x 6.5-feet high. With these dimensions, it can hold 170-180 black bin bags of trash easily.

Skip Hire Liverpool is delivering all of these skips with best prices among competitors. Our 16-yard maxi skip is the second-largest skip size that can help you remove a massive amount of trash. We are proud of being the most trustworthy skip hire service provider in your local area.


First of all, please compare your local skip hire companies’ prices and see the difference in our prices. We are proud of our customers that they have always chosen Skip Hire Liverpool for their waste management effectively. The reason behind this is the service standard along with the prices of the skips. By keeping in view their trust in us, we have tried our best to meet their requirements. That is why our rates are as low as you can imagine. So, our average prices for 16-yard maxi skip range from £316 – £525. Hold on! these prices can also fluctuate towards the decline when you let us know your location and hire period

18 Yard Skip Hire Liverpool


An 18-yard skip is the largest size available in the UK market among maxi skips hire. It is the most heavy-duty and durable maxi skip available at skip hire Liverpool. It works seamlessly to carry an enormous amount of industrial and commercial leftovers. Our 18-yard skip can hold different bulky material types that make it the best option for construction works. 

You may need a permit to place 18-yard maxi skip at a sideway. Its dimension is 13.5-feet length x 6.5-feet width x 7-feet high. It can manage approximately 200 big black bags of trash. Our aim at Skip Hire Liverpool is to make a course of waste management easy and convenient for masses.


As the largest maxi skip size is available in our stock, its prices are more cost-effective than the market. On average, the cost of an 18-yard maxi skip is £1045, but you don’t need to worry at all, because these prices have the flexibility to decrease after negotiation. The factors involved in setting the cost of an 18-yard maxi skip are your location where you want to keep the skip and how much time you need to keep the skip. We go one step ahead and offer discounts for the 18-yard maxi skip. So, order your skip with full confidence and save money, time, and effort.


Maxi skips are on the second rank in sizes, and RORO skips are on the top of the list when we talk about the skip sizes. It means that RORO skips are the largest skips and have more capacity than the maxi skips. Their utilization is also different for different purposes. As we know that maxi skips are smaller than the RORO skips, they are a useful solution for removing enormous-sized waste. Moreover, maxi skips can’t compete with the RORO skips in carrying waste materials bin bags. 


When we move forward towards comparing maxi skips with builder skip sizes, we will find a clear difference in skip dimensions. The maxi skips are available in five different skip sizes; in contrast, the builder skips are available in two skip sizes. The waste carrier capacity of maxi skips is more than 200 bin bags, but the builder skips can hold a maximum of 90 bin bags of rubbish material. The builder skips are useful for construction sites waste clearance, but the maxi skips are beneficial for containing heavy and bulky waste items.


One of the main aspects clients look for when hiring a skip is the price of the skip; that is why we at Liverpool are providing our customers with the cheapest maxi skip hire. We are certified that our price tags are reasonable and budget-friendly for our customers.



Separation of waste material

The expansiveness of maxi skips allows the consumer to segregate the different material inside the skip hire to avoid any issue. The hazardous material can be lethal to be mixed with other stuff. You can also separate the recycle able material from the general waste to make the environment more sustainable. It will eventually help to control environmental pollution.

Diminish Environmental pollution

It is not acceptable to dispose of waste on the roadside. It is wrong, legally and morally. The best way to dispose of waste is to find suitable skip size and throw trash in it to be a more responsible citizen. The usage of skip is similarly helpful to combat globally faced environmental issues.

Making construction easier

When you have a construction business, you should tackle the enormous waste at the site. Construction business is already challenging to handle, and dealing with vast waste can be anguish. The large sizes of maxi Skip hire are ideal fit for your construction leftover, and it will make your entire business smoother. The cleaning of the site can be challenging without having skips.


Skips of all sizes are highly reliable. Trusting on council bins is foolishness. Council bins have a limited amount of sizes, which can be unsuitable for accumulating a large amount of trash. It is advisable to have a suitable skip hire by your side. Luckily, you do not have to do many searches for the best company; Skip Hire Liverpool is the best skip hire service provider with a competitive market rate. Just call us to get your desired skip hire at your place.

Safe you from legality

It is the utmost imperative feature of having a skip hire. It makes your life and waste management so easier. You have to put every sort of waste inside the skip and then dispose of it at the day end. Skip Hire is straightforward to move with the help of a wheelbarrow.

Easy to use

As mentioned earlier, It is your responsibility to clean your entire waste, and there are administrative laws against this sort of violation. Having your skip can avoid you from fines and penalties. It would help if you had a permit from local authorities to place your skip hire above a specific size.

Diversity in sizes

There are different sizes in the other category, but maxi skip hire has 5 different sizes that make it so calm for the customer to order after reviewing his/her needs. This feature also helps to place two small-sized skips at various places to save time and energy. This feature also enables the end-user to access their condition more accurately make a rational choice.