Welcome to Skip Hire Liverpool! Builder skip hire is an ultimate solution to your sort and long-term waste organisation problem. Skip hire Liverpool is a reliable platform where you can order your skip hire of multiple sizes with trusted delivery services. At Skip Hire Liverpool, we are on a mission to create a hassle-free process of waste management. We are offering top quality skips at reasonable prices with reliable services. Builder skip hire is an ideal solution to dispose of a considerable amount of garbage with ease.

Builders Yard Skip Liverpool


Builder skip hire is also available in two different sizes. You can get your desired builder skip size after reviewing your precise needs. Before ordering your desired size, it is vital to analyze the amount of garbage you want to dispose of. For instance, if you’re going to dispose of up to 100 bags of trash, then it is best to have a builder skip. Builder skip hire is available in 6-yard and 8-yard with different dimensions to bring about various tasks.

6 Yard Skip Liverpool


6-yard builder skip is big enough to carry out the construction leftover. Although there are other skips available which are more significant than builder skip, it can be helpful when you have a limited budget. The 6-yard builder skip has 10ft Length x 6ft Width x 4ft height. 

These dimensions create enough space to hold enough garbage. 6-yard builder skip is capable of holding approximately 70 plus black bags of trash. You can utilise it for household chores and small purposes, but mini and midi skips are convenient. Order your builder skip from a Skip Hire Liverpool now and bring ease to your life.


Skip Hire Liverpool always takes pride in providing useful quality skips with effective pricing. We do not believe in selling household products for more significant margins. The average price of a 6-yard builder skip is ranging from £229 – £270. These prices are not fixed, and you can negotiate on these average prices. The location where you want to employ the skip and hire period impacts these earlier mentioned average prices.

8 Yard Skip Liverpool


Builder skip hire is not only available in 6-yard but also in 8-yard size. This site has more space than 6 Yard and holds more waste. The 8-yard builder skip has 12ft Length x 6ft Width x 4Ft Height, which enables it to manage approximately 90 plus bags of garbage.

 It is also best for the site where the volume of garbage is abundant, and 6-yard is not enough. These skips make the issue of waste management convenient and safe.


The average price of an 8-yard builder skip is ranging from £211 – £280. It may sound expensive sometimes, but this investment has authentic returns in the form of convenience, ease and safety. We are committed to delivering the best skip hire in Liverpool. Our prices are unbeatable, and we are proud of being cheapest skip hire service provider in your locality. We will deliver your required skip size at your doorstep on the same day or at your convenience time.


Mini skips have small space for more waste because they are smaller in size, while midi skips have sufficient space because they are more extensive. Mini skips have 20-40 black bin bags capacity, while midi skips have 40-60 black bin bags. The mini skips measure around 2-3 cubic yards, while midi skips measure around 4-5 cubic yards. 

Mini skips are usually useful for small purposes such as small garden, refurbishment, remodelling, DIY, and kitchen or bathroom refurnish. In contrast, midi skips are helpful for large domestic and commercial projects. Both skip hire categories have different dimensions and capacities, but their primary purpose is to manage the waste removal procedure. 


Builder skip hire sizes are enormous as compared to midi skip sizes. The builder skip sizes range from 6 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards whereas, midi skip sizes range from 4 to 5 cubic yards. The builder skip hire is used in large projects, including extensive house renovations, but it is not suitable for small projects. Midi skip sizes are useful for small projects. Builder skip hire category is pricey than midi skips because of its size. Builder skips involved projects of heavy and bulky items and mostly hired for construction sites. 


The price of a skip is in a direct link with skip size. Skip Hire Liverpool delivers the cheapest builder skip and trash removal solutions to its customers, suiting their budget. We regularly supply affordable skip services to both commercial and domestic clients.



Builder skip hire has numerous benefits which stand out them in the market. Some significant benefits have discussed below.

Safer Construction site

Starting construction work at home or office is not easy, and construction waste can be a heartache. It is necessary to have a skip hire by your side before the commencement of a construction job. Builder skip hire can provide you with the right value for your entire project. A lot of hazardous material is also used during construction and can be lethal for your health—removal of garbage at the right time with keeping you safe and prevent you from botheration. Builder skip hire will make your entire construction project harmless and less hectic. It also lessens the cost of the construction project as it prevents you from waste cost.

Multiple sizes of Builders skip

Different skips come in multiple sizes and dimensions so the consumer can hire according to need. But builder skip size comes with the difference of 2-yard. It allows the consumer to make a more rational decision and enable them to distinguish between them easily. They are having different sizes of skips and also allow an additional amount of trash. Everybody knows the average number of garbage bags they dispose of. In this way, they can have skip hire, which can handle that much garbage. Skip Hire Liverpool is proving builder skip in both sizes with enhanced services.


The sizes of the Builder skip makes it more efficient. It is troublesome to have small skips, and you have to clean it before it starts overflowing. It can be upsetting at so many levels. Having Builder skip at this point can help you in so many ways. Just gathering all of the trash in one skip and then dispose of it. It will save your time, money and energy. If you are looking for saving time and money, builder skip hire sizes will efficiently contain your waste materials and make the process smoother. Builder Skips are both effective and efficient at the same time.

Make a smooth Experience

Whether it’s a home renovation or an office makeover, a lot of trash with different types of material is inevitable. Disposing of, it is very crucial and essential. The cleaning experience should be comfortable and smooth. Builder skips can help you to make your clearance project smoother. Littering in the office and home can be embarrassing in front of people. To avoid trash, using builder skip is ideal for obvious reasons.

Environment Savvy

Everything that helps in waste management is environmentally savvy. But builder skip provides more space and more extraordinary ability to carry garbage. By this, you can place each part of the leftover in a skip, and there will be no harm to the environment. Having a clean and tidy surrounding affect you in many positive ways, and you can have a productive day. We, at Skip Hire Liverpool, providing skips to make an environmentally sustainable future. 


Builder skips are convenient in so many ways. Firstly, it provides a lot of space to carry out a different task. Secondly, it can hold heavy and solid materials, unlike mini and midi skips. You can place these skips at driveways. You can collect your entire waste at one place by having expansive skip like a builder. Having different sizes in the same category also make it convenient for a purchaser to make a decision.

Hold diverse materials

Garbage can have plenty of types of material ranging from steel, plastic, glass and so on. Some construction site can have hazardous leftover that can be harmful, so it is necessary to have a skip that can hold multiple types of trash at one place. Builder skips can contain a heavy material like bricks which midi and mini skip cannot compensate.  You can make different bags of different materials and place them in a builder skip.